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Borrow Books from Another Library

If you cannot find a book, a musical score, or a copy of an article at the National Library of Estonia, you can also order it from another Estonian or foreign library.

Items that cannot be ordered from other libraries include reference works, periodicals, manuscripts, maps, and audiovisual publications. The National Library does not deliver publications from other libraries in Tallinn (except in the case of libraries where not everyone can become a user). 

The loan period (2–6 weeks) for books and musical scores is determined by the library from which the item is ordered, and renewal is not always possible. 

The reader shall pay the cost of returning publications ordered from other libraries in accordance with the National Library’s price list. The reader will be notified of the arrival of the ordered publications by e-mail or phone.  

Order fulfilment times are approximately: 

  • 3–5 days from Estonia; 
  • 2–3 weeks from the Nordic countries; 
  • 3–4 weeks from elsewhere in Europe; 
  • 2–3 months from the United States of America. 

The sending library has the right to restrict the use of the publication to the reading rooms of the National Library of Estonia. 

Before placing your order for a copy of an article, please check if that article is available in the search portal of the National Library. 

Please fill in the order form below to place your order.

For more information please contact us by email at [email protected]

ILL for Libraries

Items from the National Library of Estonia collections can be borrowed by other libraries upon their request. Read more about interlibrary loan for libraries below.