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Interlibrary Loan for Libraries

Items from the National Library of Estonia collections can be borrowed by other libraries upon their request.

Before submitting the request, please check the availability of the item in the online catalogue ESTER.

National Library of Estonia supplies:

  • books
  • copies of articles

The copies of articles can be ordered as paper or electronic copies (PDF). If the book is checked out, we will put a hold on it for you.

The loan period of the item is between 2-4 weeks. Libraries are obliged to return the item by due date.

We do not lend:

  • newspapers, journals and other large format publications
  • manuscripts and other similar copyrighted materials (e.g. bachelor’s theses)
  • materials in the archive collection
  • single copies of books in the reference collection
  • single copies of frequently used books

For foreign libraries: we prefer payment in IFLA vouchers.

Please fill in the order form below to place your order.

For additional information please contact us by email [email protected].