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Services of the Repository Library

Receipt of books

The Estonian Repository Library receives books and other publications free of charge from the public, libraries, publishers and other institutions.

We accept books in Estonian and foreign languages, a selection of periodicals and other items in order to send them to libraries, memory institutions, and organisations to supplement their collections. The Estonian Repository Library does not distribute or sell publications to private persons.

  • The books received must be clean and in good order. Books must not be dusty, mouldy, or damaged by moisture or rodents.
  • The Estonian Repository Library does not accept publications that do not meet the requirements.
  • Books must be properly packaged in a box or tied together for delivery.
  • To deliver books, agree on the time in advance with the Repository Library (Kadi Sarapuu phone 521 3464/ [email protected] or Madis Truupõld phone 5332 3293 / [email protected]).
  • Books will be accepted Mon–Fri 9:00–16:30 at Suur-Sõjamäe 44b, Tallinn. Books can be handed over at the left side of the building. Ring the doorbell upon arrival.
  • For additional information, call us at 5303 5202.

Exchange collection

Libraries and other institutions (museums, welfare institutions, prisons, defence forces, societies, social organisations) can choose free publications from the exchange collection to supplement their collections or replace damaged publications. Enter your wish list or query in the Form table and send to [email protected].

Read about the procedure for selecting publications in the Terms of Use of the Exchange Collection .


Foreign-language publications of scientific, cultural or historical value will be preserved in the Repository Library as single editions.

Foreign-language literature stored in the repository can be found in the ESTER electronic catalogue. 

Ordering books from the repository:

  • you can borrow items from the Repository Library via the e-catalogue ESTER.
  • to a parcel terminal or by courier via the lending platform MIRKO.

All items at the repository can be used on site in the library’s reading room (use of the reading room by prior agreement [email protected], phone 5307 0454).

Read more about the Terms of Use of the Repository.