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FAQ: How the National Library of Estonia arranges its work and services during the period of moving to the temporary premises.

6. November 2021

How long will it take to move and where are the library’s new premises?

We begin to move on 1 November 2021.

In January 2022, the National Library of Estonia will open its doors on temporary premises at Narva mnt.11

The moving period will last up to four months and will be completed at the end of February 2022. Books, technical equipment and furniture will be moved first to enable fast restart at the new location.

Can I borrow books while the library is moving?

Our books can be borrowed while we move, yet you should take account of the limited access to the National Library’s collections during moving and afterwards.

The simpliest way to learn about the availability of the desired book is to check the online catalogue. You can only borrow publications with the status „AVAILABLE“. If the book is designated as „Temporarily unavailable“, it cannot be borrowed during the next five years.

During the moving period in November and December, the National Library is physically open in our Embassy in the Solaris Centre. You can borrow all books available at this mini-library, or read the latest newspapers and magazines.

Electronic publications can be searched in the National Library’s search portal for copying or ordering. Please note that part of the publications can only be used on site in the library (at an authorised workplace) – in November and December this can only be done in our Solaris Embassy.

Where can I collect the books I have ordered?

The books ordered via the online catalogue can be collected from book dispensers or Omniva parcel machines. One book dispenser is located in the bus terminal of the Viru Centre and the other can be found at the entrance of the library building – the latter will be taken to another location in mid-November. Detailed information on the options where you can order the books can be found in the online catalogue which indicates the corresponding dates. When the possibility to order books to the book dispenser at Tõnismägi is closed, the dispenser will be moved to the Ülemiste Centre and opened for use as soon as possible, hopefully in December.

In the Solaris Embassy books can be borrowed on site. Until December you cannot request a book or sign up for it in the Solaris library.

Where can I return books?

Books can be returned to the Solaris Embassy and to the book dispensers. One book dispenser is located in the bus terminal of the Viru Centre, and the other – until the end of November – at Tõnismägi 2. When ordering to the dispenser at Tõnismägi is closed, the dispenser will be moved to the Ülemiste Centre and opened there in December.

Which user services will change during the period when the library moves?

For users the services will not change, yet they may not be available in a familiar way or may take more time. If the desired book cannot be borrowed from the National Library’s collections, it can be ordered at the user’s request from another library in Estonia or abroad.

The moving period may also affect the operation of information systems used for finding the desired book or e-publication.

Until the library opens at Narva mnt 11, the computer stations for users, printing/copying services, the latest newspapers-magazines and an authorised workplace are only available in the Solaris Embassy.

Can i submit information enquiry and receive personal consultation?

Information enquiries can be submitted 24/7. Our information specialist helps you find the desired books, newspapers, articles, references, facts, texts, photos, etc. and responds as soon as possible.

You can register for personal consultation. Personal consultation will help when you are writing a research or a student thesis and need guidance in finding the relevant books and articles. If you wish to learn more about the library’s services or use of various databases, you can participate in a training session for students teaching to find subject information.

When will the library open on the temporary premises?

We plan to open the National Library on the temporary premises at the beginning of January 2022.

Until when can I borrow books with the longer due date?

Books with the longer due date can be borrowed until the end of this year and these books should be returned by 1 February 2022.

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