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The National Library of Estonia building

National Library of Estonia’s landscape architecture contest won by „Binding“

1. September 2023

The landscape architecture contest for the outdoor area surrounding the National Library of Estonia gathered six submissions. The first prize was awarded to the design plan „Binding“.

The aim of the contest was to find a high-level spatial design plan for the outdoor area surrounding the National Library – the public space in front of and behind the building, and to improve the accessibility of the entire area. The new design solution should make this area more human friendly, versatile and contemporary. It will also become a representative public space accentuating the historical heritage and offering an array of year-round activities for people of all ages.

Member of the jury Kalle Komissarov said: „The winning project „Binding“ stands out for its human dimensions. The landscape design creates in the public space a neutral network that supports the visual effect of the building and allows to be flexible in organising the outdoor area. There will be a cosy plaza in front of the main entrance to spend time and enjoy.“ Kalle Komissarov is an architect at Riigi Kinnisvara AS, a company managing and developing state-owned real estate. Riigi Kinnisvara has been a partner for the Library in organising this contest.

Director General of the National Library Janne Andresoo hopes that the outdoor area will be re-designed by the time the library re-opens, to make the symbiosis of the building and its surroundings work from the very start. „Rephrasing Cicero – if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. We will be able to offer both“, said Andresoo.

The National Library of Estonia building is currently under extensive renovation and is scheduled to re-open in 2026 as a community, educational and cultural centre. The area surrounding the building is designed to be a delight to the eyes and support the novel concept of the library. All design plans submitted for the contest can be viewed at an exhibition in the National Library of Estonia small building.