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Michael A. Keller borrowing books

Stanford University Librarian Michael A. Keller visited the National Library of Estonia

30. January 2024

At the end of January, Director General of the National Library of Estonia Martin Öövel had the pleasure of welcoming Michael A. Keller, University Librarian at Stanford Libraries. The two libraries established contacts in 2022 and this was the second visit of Michael Keller to the National Library of Estonia.

Stanford University Library is well known for its various digital initiatives and digital humanities. For the National Library of Estonia, their know-how has come very useful as the Estonian digital archive is currently under development. Also, during his previous visit Mr. Keller drew our attention to the advantages of IIIF, this information was an important trigger that helped us rethink and enhance the user environment of the new digital archive. By now the National Library of Estonia has joined the international IIIF network and is establishing closer contacts with respective colleagues in the Nordic countries, a mutual meeting is awaiting to be held with colleagues from the National Library of Finland.

The comparison of different library systems was another issue of interest for both libraries. This knowledge sharing was particularly useful for the National Library, as the selection and procurement of a new nationwide library system is one of the important tasks of the coming years.

Stanford University has been much engaged in the field of technology, in particular the collection, preservation and making available of Silicon Valley material. In May 2022, Estonian memory institutions had the opportunity to learn about Stanford experience at a workshop held by Henry Lowood, Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections and Curator for Film & Media Collections, and by Kristen Valenti, Exhibits Coordinator, Silicon Valley Archives. In the coming years, private technology and business collections will undoubtedly come into focus also at Estonian memory institutions.