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The national book lending platform MIRKO is gaining popularity

4. September 2023

The nationwide lending platform, Minu Raamatukogu MIRKO, launched by the National Library of Estonia in autumn 2022, has gained nearly 15,000 users. In summer the number of loans increased by a quarter, and the total number of orders is nearing 60,000.
 ‘The paper and e-publications platform MIRKO has gained nearly 15,000 registered users, who have borrowed more than 57,000 times in almost a year,’ said Margit Jõgi, Head of the Nationwide Lending Service, highlighting that interest in borrowing books was higher this summer.

‘Our users borrowed more than 22,000 times this July and August, which shows that many book lovers have found MIRKO,’ Margit Jõgi said, pointing out that an average of 1,000 users join every month.

Using MIRKO, you can order books to a parcel machine and send e-publications to your device. The most popular so far have been audiobooks, which account for 35% of the loans.

MIRKO’s e-publication platform offers book lovers nearly 4,500 books and magazines and 300 audiobooks. Those ordering books to a parcel machine have more than 2 million books to choose from, thanks to 38 libraries across Estonia.

The lending platform Minu Raamatukogu MIRKO was launched on 27 September 2022.