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Who is a mastermind?

How to get mastermind superpowers? 

The National Library of Estonia offers you a free on-site or online consultation that can help you become a mastermind with superpowers!

Consultation includes:

  • tour in the research portal and free access to an impressive amount of the world’s largest data bases and
  • personalised advice on how to find the spot-on sources relevant to your topic. 

„The consultant was very helpful and contacted me quickly after she had received my request. She explained everything, answered questions and was very helpful, plus she sent me links by email. I was very content! Pleasant experience!”

Research database

Access international databases through the search portal.

We give you an overview of the research portal and free access to more than 400 research databases where you can find the sources you need to write a top-quality research paper, thesis or article. For example, you’ll find topics ranging from art, music, theatre, culture and history to law, economics, sociology and international relations.

All you need to log in to the search portal is an ID card or mobile ID.

Personalised consultation

Want to find sources for an essay, other school assignment, research paper or article and be a mastermind in your field? We’ll help you find the relevant literature in your area of interest, and teach you how to find the right sources in research databases in the best and fastest way.  

„The consultant was very helpful, cheerful and extremely helpful. I didn’t have to feel ashamed of my knowledge (or lack of it). I was put on the right track, which has already made it easier for me to start writing my thesis.”

Tips and tricks for a clever Google-ceptionist

When searching for information outside the search portal of the National Library of Estonia, the following ten tips can save you both time and trouble. Since many search operators are universal, you can use symbols like *, –, OR, () and many others in other search engines and databases as well.

„Such a human and warm attitude from the consultant and at the same time a professional approach to the subject. I also remembered the words to feel free to come back if I forget something or have additional questions. I received the consultation quickly and it was very positive. The technical connection also worked smoothly.”